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Reclaimed Wood Accent Walls

Looking to add character to the interior of your space, but don’t need an entire room of reclaimed wood? An accent wall constructed out of reclaimed wood is the perfect solution to introduce warmth and texture into the room. Our wood accent walls are easy for homeowners to install, as the wood is prepared into thin sheets evened out to a perfect edge. Whatever your room is trying to say about you, make sure it makes a statement.

Custom Reclaimed Wood Accent Wall Designs

Whether you gravitate towards a rustic vibe or you prefer a clean, modern wall, the possibilities are endless! If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we are happy to create a custom design for you. A pattern of mixed wood, uniform neutrals, herringbone pattern, thick vertical planks - you name it, we can do it. Our team of artisans will create naturally beautiful pieces customized to suit your needs.

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Reclaimed Wood Types for Accent Walls

We offer a variety of California native redwoods as well as assorted hardwoods for you to choose from.

  • California Natives

    Warm up the room with a little California beauty. Lumber that is native to the state of California like redwood and cedar yields stunning reclaimed wood siding.

  • Assorted Hardwoods

    We offer a variety of assorted hardwoods to choose from. Oak, ash, maple, chestnut, cherry, and poplar are some of our popular hardwoods that we use to create incredible accent walls.


We’ve got style, and lots of it - especially regarding style options for your accent wall. From scorched black, white wash, distressed red, blue, green, or black, we offer multiple looks and finishes.

Scorched Black

White Wash

Distressed Colored

Our Process

  • 01. Prep
  • 02. Mill
  • 03. Ship
  • 04. Install

01. We Prepare it

We prepare each plank with careful attention to detail. We take out the nails in the plank, and clean the wood with a brush. We then cut the plank into an even square on each end.

02. We Mill It

The exterior wood siding is milled to 5/8” thickness and finished with shiplap edges for waterproof installation. The interior accent wall siding is milled to 1/4” inch thickness and finished with flat cuts on all sides to create a seamless look.

03. We Ship it

If you choose to have your product shipped to you, we can ship anywhere in the United States and Canada. The cost of shipping is calculated based on the weight of your purchase and your location.

04. You Install it

The wood siding is easily installed with finishing nails and a nail gun. Many customers choose to complete the installation themselves, but we do offer full installation in San Diego and surrounding areas.

Starter Pack Special

We offer a Starter Pack Special for clients who don’t require a full order of lumber. This is ideal for homeowners with smaller lumber needs, or contractors looking to reduce labor costs to finish a project. The Starter Pack includes smaller bundles of varying lengths - perfect for starting an accent wall! Save money (and unnecessary materials) on your project. Contact us to learn more.

Why Choose Reclaimed Wood San Diego

At RWSD, everything we create has a story. Old buildings, barns, bridges, and docks are just a few of the places that we source our 100% reclaimed lumber. Our artisans know the story of every stack of wood in our lumber yard.

Not sure what you want? No problem. We have over thirty years of experience in the woodworking industry, but we’re very approachable - we promise. Come in, stop by, and speak to our artisans about your ideas. We’ll work with you to give you the reclaimed piece of your dreams.

Reviews of Reclaimed Wood San Diego

“I am so glad I found Reclaimed Woods San Diego over year + ago. I had them make me doors, pillars, & panels for my home out of their reclaimed wood used from old barns. Also I used various pieces to trim my window sills, refaced my bar & laid wood in recessed area of my kitchen. Their staff was always pleasant to deal with & the quality of their work & the barn wood was excellent. Highly recommend this place.”

Linda Kelley

“We were referred to them by our decorator and boy did they deliver. They helped us pick out an old Douglas fir beam which they transformed into a beautiful mantle. Their prices are competitive and the process was fast and reliable. They even worked with us to narrow down the perfect stain color that compliments our home. Well done guys!!”

Matt E.

“I purchased two different types of wood from this company. The owner took the time to walk me through the yard and explain different materials. If you need good quality reclaimed wood, this is your place. I will be using them all the time!”

Tosh S.

“Love this place! John Thompson has an eye for rustic design like no other. Who else would get so excited about wood that has a history. If you are a creative with an eye for designing your own furniture or flooring--this is the place to start!”

Lynn Milke

“Showed up at this place with a very vague plan to make a planter. Justin was so kind and patient with us. He figured out how much wood and cut each piece himself. Came home and we had it together within an hour.”

Kyle Balaban

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