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Your friendly eco-designers

San Diego’s Leading Reclaimed Wood Company

Your friendly eco-designers

We’re Reclaimed Wood San Diego, SoCal’s leading eco-friendly woodworking specialists. With over thirty years of experience within the wood reclamation industry, we work closely with designers, architects, DIY weekend warriors, and commercial business owners to create naturally beautiful and sophisticated spaces using only the best quality, non-toxic, and sustainably-sourced salvaged lumber. Let’s build something beautiful together.

Our Work

Every piece we create is unique and made with intention. We make custom mantels, wall siding, and accent walls using reclaimed wood. If your project requires something specific like barn wood with patina or reclaimed wood milled as tongue and groove siding, our staff will locate and price it for you. We also offer custom milling services, and we can mill anything to your specific needs.

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A Sustainable Option

Reclaimed wood is the most sustainable option when it comes to lumber in your home. Choosing reclaimed wood not only saves energy, but it also reduces deforestation, decreases the amount of wood sent to the landfill, and it reduces the need for fossil fuels.

Reduces Deforestation

Helps Saves Energy

Reduces Landfill Waste

Decreases Need for Fossil Fuels



The mantel is the focal point of the entire room. Bring it all together with one of our beautiful custom mantels. We offer a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to suit your preferences.

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Wall Siding

Whether you want rustic, modern, or anything in between, we can create custom reclaimed wood siding and paneling that will add incredible texture to your home.

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Accent Walls

Make a statement with a reclaimed accent wall. We can create beautiful solid wood walls to add character and accentuate the natural beauty of the space.

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Custom Milling

We’re proud to be one of the few companies in San Diego with a resaw machine. Its cutting edge technology (no pun intended) allows us to saw lumber lengthwise, which means that your design options are limitless. Anything you can envision, we’re happy to mill for you.

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Reclaimed Wood

What are the benefits of using reclaimed wood? Reclaimed wood is salvaged from various lumber sources like buildings undergoing demolition, such as boats, barns, docks, factories, and old gym floors.This gives the wood added character in the form of natural patina, paint, or wear, that you can’t find anywhere else.

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Custom Furniture

At Reclaimed Wood San Diego, our sustainable designers are happy to collaborate with you until your ideal piece of furniture is created. We can make custom tables, shelves, conference desks, bed frames, and wall art.

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Barn Wood

Reclaimed barn wood has a quality that makes it timeless, and no two planks are exactly alike. The coloring is determined by the original location of the barn (down to details like being built on a valley or a hill) and its exposure to the sun. Repurposed barn wood will add charming perfection to your space.

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Why Choose Reclaimed Wood San Diego

At RWSD, everything we create has a story. Old buildings, barns, bridges, and docks are just a few of the places that we source our 100% reclaimed lumber. Our artisans know the story of every stack of wood in our lumber yard.

Not sure what you want? No problem. We have over thirty years of experience in the woodworking industry, but we’re very approachable - we promise. Come in, stop by, and speak to our artisans about your ideas. We’ll work with you to give you the reclaimed piece of your dreams.

Reviews of Reclaimed Wood San Diego

“I am so glad I found Reclaimed Woods San Diego over year + ago. I had them make me doors, pillars, & panels for my home out of their reclaimed wood used from old barns. Also I used various pieces to trim my window sills, refaced my bar & laid wood in recessed area of my kitchen. Their staff was always pleasant to deal with & the quality of their work & the barn wood was excellent. Highly recommend this place.”

Linda Kelley

“We were referred to them by our decorator and boy did they deliver. They helped us pick out an old Douglas fir beam which they transformed into a beautiful mantle. Their prices are competitive and the process was fast and reliable. They even worked with us to narrow down the perfect stain color that compliments our home. Well done guys!!”

Matt E.

“I purchased two different types of wood from this company. The owner took the time to walk me through the yard and explain different materials. If you need good quality reclaimed wood, this is your place. I will be using them all the time!”

Tosh S.

“Love this place! John Thompson has an eye for rustic design like no other. Who else would get so excited about wood that has a history. If you are a creative with an eye for designing your own furniture or flooring--this is the place to start!”

Lynn Milke

“Showed up at this place with a very vague plan to make a planter. Justin was so kind and patient with us. He figured out how much wood and cut each piece himself. Came home and we had it together within an hour.”

Kyle Balaban

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